Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Dream Project

AChiBuu's Dream Project - This is my dream project, don't ask me how to do it first. Let me tell you what I wish to do.
I want to build an art studio in a forest up on the mountain. I will build orphanage home & old folks home beside the art studio, ladies on the right and the gentlemen on the left. Art is a very good therapy for everyone here. We can organise charity art exhibition from time to time. I want my children to stay together with the elderly, as they need each others' company. The elderly can share their life experiences with the young ones. The children can keep the elderly entertain while taking care of them. We will have a beautifully decorated cafe surrounded by the nature in front of the art studio, so that we can earn some money to survive and hopefully the beautiful cafe can become a tourist attraction. Then we will have a big garden at the back, we plant beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables for sale and for our meal. I will have little houses with fairy lights at the back of the the garden where my family and partners can stay. I can really imagine how harmony and peaceful it can be.
Art is always my favourite while open an orphanage home is always my dream since I was very young. Open an old folks home is just my recent thought. I believe I can take care of all of them with my love.
Don't ask me how to do it, I believe in Law of Attraction 😊

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