Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gift exchange?

Really thanks to all the sponsors and friends who help me on my new apartment. 
A friend of mine who loves Snoopy gave me a set of dishes and cutleries. 
In return,  I made him a Snoopy and Woodstock,  hope he likes them :)

Flowers for my curtain

Recently I am busy with my new studio apartment. 
Yup, I am going to shift again huh?
It' s kind of tiring, you know? I hate packing and unpacking. ...
This time I am going to stay alone.
I am afraid that I will not get use to it, am I going to be very lonely?  I am worry.....
To make sure I feel better, I decided to decorate my apartment like a princess room...or maybe just simple modern country style? 
Alright, I will try my best to decorate and try my best to stay strong alone :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Country Style

Recently,  I am in love with country style.
I wish that I can decorate my tiny apartment with modern country style.
Wish me good luck :)

The Chubby Batman & Robin

These are the biggest dolls I ever made...They are about 14" height.
Custom order from a Batman lover.