Thursday, February 27, 2014

My good companion

I am in pain recently...when my cough almost recover, I got toothache....
Ended up I went to the dental clinic and did a minor dental surgery to extract 2 of my wisdom tooth. 
The pain is following me until today...almost one week...the worst pain is the headache! 
I really can't stand that, even pain killer can't help.
I will only feel better when I am sleeping.
How I wish that there is someone who can pamper me for awhile...and there she giant monster Huey Huey ;)
Thanks for accompany me ;)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good Friend

I just went for a minor dental surgery last Friday after suffering from toothache for 2 days.
Two of my wisdom tooth gone after struggle for almost 3 hours surgery.
Until now, the left side of my face is still a bit swollen and the side of my mouth is injured as the dentist was
trying to drag open my mouth for too long.....
I'm glad that I have a good friend around me always...I know she really care and she is a good companion no matter when I was happy, sad or in pain...
I feel really blessed to have her around me even though she can be quite noisy and disturbing sometimes....
hahaha....Thanks, my dear friend ;)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Friends Forever

Custom order painting of 4 lovely friends on canvas and a set of matching dolls.

Happy Family Dolls

Happy Birthday & Happy Chinese New Year

Sorry for being a bit late to wish you all Happy Chinese New year,
as I unable to update my blog when I was in hometown.
Coincidentally, the first day of Chinese New Year this year was also my 32 years old birthday.
Can you see that the horse is actually look like number three and the tail is actually number two.
Time flies, I'm getting old....32 years are still many things that I not yet complete in 32 years, hopefully I can complete them before I turn into 33...hahaha...

Happy Chinese New Year :)