Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It's been a very stressful since end of year 2012.
Everything seems going not so smooth in my life. it's always so much things running in my mind.
I'm trying to ask myself to stop thinking and worry so much, but it's just so difficult. Everything is just beyond my control.
Money, work, life, relationship....all seems making my life harder...It even affected my face...hahaha....
It's so sad to see the pimples growing all over my face and just so had to get them away.
How good if the things which growing non stop is money :P

Year 2014, I'm trying to tell myself not to think and worry so much.
Anything that you beyond your control, just let it be.
Try my best to do everything so that there is no regret.

Relax..relax...hope can get back my clear and smooth face again.. ;)

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