Sunday, August 25, 2013

Illustration Friday: Rescue

"Take Me Away BuBuuBot, can you please rescue me? Please take me away from all the critics!
It's enough....I'm tired of it...and I don't think I can stand it anymore...I'm afraid that I'll explode,
and they might get burned... Please...take me away, quickkkkk....."

I've tried my best to live my life...try to study hard to proof that I'm not as stupid as what they think...
I try very hard to earn every single cent and save it to buy the things I want.
However, I really unable to change how I look...So can you people please stop criticizing me?
I didn't do anything wrong and I never do anything harmful to you..
I'm being kind and helpful to everyone, can you see that? or at least feel that?

My sincere advice to everyone: -
before you put any unnecessary critics or comment on people,
please think twice...I know it is very easy for you to say...
but you will never know how big is the influence on the person you critic.

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