Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Am I look like a Spare Tyre?

Am I look like a spare tyre?
I feel tired..I wonder I look like a spare tyre?
Whenever you all need me, you can get me easily...but when I need someone, I can't find any...
You all said you thought I'll be fine, I'm flexible...I forgive....but are you taking it for granted?
Is it my fault to always tell people that I'm fine? And let you see that I'm strong?
But am I really fine? Am I really Ok? I'm not sure as well...
What I know is that... when I care about other people's feeling,
people tend to forget that I'm a human as well...I have feeling too....

So should I cry out loud or shout? Telling you that I'm in pain?
But..will anyone bother? They will say, "I know you will be fine, you are strong enough..."

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