Thursday, January 24, 2013

My new scary friends

Suddenly I have this idea yesterday...Sometimes, maybe we need to make ourselves look a bit scary.
Why? To protect ourselves...

Nothing is perfect..over the years, I'm trying to be a "good" girl, trying to be kind...

However, now I feel something wrong...when people start to take advantage from your kindness...
when people start to treat what you said as bull shit....when people start to think your kindness to them is a must and start to ignore how you feel. 

It's too often to pretend that I'm fine, smiling and telling people "I'm Ok" while I feel heart sick.
Then people start to ignore your feeling, hurting you but thinking you will be fine....

It's very tiring actually...maybe it's time to change?


  1. Awesome, I love the axe and the deadpan look on her face. she doesn't need the backup - though the cobra looks quite happy!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Hehe...perhaps the backup will make her feel brave and have more strength.. ;)