Monday, February 20, 2012

The Moment

This is the first time....there is a moment that I feel like I want to jump down from the building....
Stupid client! How can you make fun of people again and again! Do you think this is very fun?


  1. Ouch. I know this feeling exactly. I've had this feeling time and again at a previous job. I'm really glad I don't work there anymore. The advice my father gave me was to get a thicker skin. Maybe this helps you?! It didn't help me though. I guess it's best to get this clients order over and done with, and then put the client on your personal black list and not work for him/her again if possible.

    Great painting.

    Have a great week nonetheless.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I had put this client on my personal black list, however my boss love this client so much...hehe. Mmm...maybe leave this job will be the best choice...But I need to get a new job first.

      Really thanks for your made me feel better ;)